The Alexander Technique: What will happen during my lesson? 

You will be working one-to-one with a qualified teacher. Through gentle hands-on contact and verbal instruction, I will encourage you to release inappropriate tension. I will also guide you through simple movements and body positions that are basic to all activities. 

In this way, you will begin to identify how your co-ordination is working, how you create patterns of tension throughout your body and how you can prevent and release them. Everyday activities then become much easier and everyday stresses are more manageable.  

Significant improvement 

The initial lesson lasts one hour and includes a brief explanation of the fundamentals of the Alexander Technique. Subsequent lessons last approximately 45 minutes. You won’t need any special kit or equipment. All you need to do is wear non-restrictive clothing.

It is quite possible that, within a few lessons, you will notice significant improvement. However, this is not a quick fix. The number of lessons you will need will depend on the state you are in when you begin and on your ability to apply the principles of the Technique. 

Latest research 

"Lessons in the Alexander Technique have long-term benefits for chronic back pain" Clinical Research published by the British Medical Journal 19th Aug 2008 ( 

For more research papers on the AT visit:

Rosen Method

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